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Astral Projection, Lucid-Dreaming & Mediumship Retreat in Somerset, UK

Friday August 23th - Sunday August 25th 2019


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Experience one of the worlds most luxurious residential retreat centres, designed for consciousness exploration and mediumship. Escape the city, enter into nature & plug yourself in to the headphone port next to your own comfortable bed onsite.

Perfect for individual meditations for unique experiences

Experience timelessness – we take down the clocks and guide you throughout your stay so you can be fully present.
Take a greatly appreciated break.

This retreat is surrounded in nature, with rolling hills and under starlit skies with some of the best techniques and technology for consciousness exploration at hand.

Download your free copy of the session music we use similar to the retreat:

Is this experience for you?

Do you struggle to meditate, detach and relax?

Have you ever wondered if you are more than your physical body?

Do you feel alone in your self-discovery and looking to meet like minded new friends?

Do you or have you experienced synchronicity and phenomena in your life?

Before attending to this retreat please watch this video to learn more about the retreat itself and to see it in its full potential:

This is a deep meditation retreat for experiencing deep meditative journeys with the use of the latest brainwave entrainment and consciousness exploration technology. Everything is provided for you for your stay at the retreat, full accommodation & catering, experienced facilitators all surrounded by nature, gardens and a nature reserve at the retreats doorstep.

In this 3 day retreat, you will also experience:

Deep relaxation using light and sound

Lucia No.3 offers the benefits of deep meditation, through accessing an expanded state of consciousness almost immediately.
The light stimulates temporary harmonic brainwave patterns in the brain usually only found in the brains of people who have been meditating for decades. The light helps users access the Theta state as well as high Alpha patterns, often associated with joy, intuition, creativity, and high concentration. Many people report spontaneous OOBEs as well as visions, inspiration, and ideas.

Since its development in 2011 it has had the interest of many professionals in the field of consciousness and wellness. With scientific papers to its name, it has been a great tool for experiencing expanded states. For more information on the Lucia No3 go to:

Coupled with 3 beautiful symphonic gongs, these light and sound group sessions offer an immediate grounding and deep relaxation state at the beginning of the day. Gongs have the capacity to vibrate cells in your body, clear any toxicity and dissolve the ego and worrying and unwanted thoughts.

For an example of how these sessions look and sound, you can see them here:

Ladrhyn Bexx – Lucid Dreamer, Healer and facilitator will guide you throughout your weekend.
For you to experience best results for your stay.


This whole weekend is dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness and human potential.

Lucid dreaming and the Out-Of-Body state, are a very powerful self exploration tool.
Allowing you to discover more of who, what, where and when you are.

Do you have desires, passions and dreams? The dream-state can help you access this potential for you to consciously tap into your unlimited power.

If you are an beginner or with years of experience, this residential retreat is suitable for all.

And if you are a regular to these events, as we know each experience is different each time, and unique for every individual.

This 3 day mini adventure will allow you to step into accessing answers to some of your biggest questions about reality and yourself.


Experience also:

• Day time group meditations and talks and training with Ladrhyn Bexx

• Daily energy work, using breathwork and Qi-Gong Style

techniques for building up and storing subtle energy.

• Experience gong baths in peace and with no distractions

• Daily walks in nature with a beautiful nature reserve and gardens

• Daily discussions on consciousness and sharing of experiences

after each meditation session.

• Try and experience lucid dreaming legal herbs for dream clarity

• Make new making friends beyond the physical and in person.

• Exploring your mediumistic abilities; clairvoyance, remote viewing and much more

• Full accommodation and all meals all included on site. (if you have any dietary issues, please let us know). Usually we have food available for all diets.





10am – 10:45am - Introduction, retreat start time and and more

11:00am – 12:00pm - Gong bath with - Lucia Light session.

12:00pm – 12:45pm - Meditation session

1pm – 2pm – Lunch

2pm – 3pm - Meditation session

3pm – 3:15pm – break & discussion

3:15pm - 4pm - Meditation session

4pm - 4:15pm - break & discussion

4:30pm - 5:30pm Meditation session

5:30pm - Dinner

7pm - Stargazing, fun and games with psychic exercises

9pm - Talk on consciousness & Lucid Dreaming & Phenomena stories

10pm - Short Break with some snacks and lucid dreaming teas

10:30pm - Evening gong bath for deep relaxation

11:20pm - Bedtime with integrated late night meditation for expanded dream states.


Sunday early morning

6:30am - Lucid Dreaming Audio Track in your own bed (Please bring wired headphones)

This track is pre-recorded by Ladrhyn and has integrated audio frequencies. Those staying will have the opportunity to plug themselves in and explore their Dreamtime with an early morning meditation. (Please note, you do not get up at this time).




8:30am - 10:00am – Breakfast & Showers

10am – 10:45am - Gong bath with - Lucia Light session.

11:00am – 12:00pm - break & discussion

12:00pm – 12:45pm - Meditation session

1pm – 2pm – Lunch

2pm – 3pm - Meditation session

3pm – 3:15pm – break & discussion

3:15pm - 4pm - Meditation session

4pm - 4:15pm - break & discussion

4:30pm - Departures and home time


Schedule continues similar to above for the ones staying for the Bank holiday Monday


Many of our past participant's report:

• Greater present time focus
• Enhanced self-awareness and self-empowerment
• A profound inner wisdom and a deeper understanding of oneself
• Stress-reduction and better problem-solving skills
• Sharpened awareness of synchronicities
• Ability to realign emotions
• Ability to set and achieve goals for the future
• Obtaining a state of lucidity which enhances all aspects of daily life

• Greater psychic awareness & communication

Experience Daily Gong Baths

Experience gong baths, for clearing the mind, body and spirit and taking your daily meditation experiences much deeper. Many people who have attended Ladrhyn’s gong baths, are bathed in sound vibrations which have taken them into vivid dreams within minutes, more clearer energy and also non-physical phenomena such as the vibrational state, and floating sensations.

live blood.jpg

Inner Journey Experiences using Hemi-Sync's original, ground-breaking audio technology

Ladrhyn Brainwaves

Through the use of audio frequencies and a controlled meditative environment, experience a full weekend of expanded consciousness and daily gong baths bathed in sound.

All located at the beautiful Parsonage Side Retreat located in Somerset, England.

A purpose built sanctuary for the heart, mind, and spirit, in nature and situated on 2 powerful ley lines. Surround yourself in starlit skies and no distractions from the outside world for 3 days to focus on you.


For more details you can watch this video:

Download FREE MP3 track here:

Availability and Booking


Saturday 10am till Sunday afternoon 4:30pm

Add Bank Holiday Monday 26th - add an extra day and Sunday night to extend your day
Try our Friday evening sleep over (demo) or the whole 4 days

See ticket link for more details

(payments can be spread out )

To avoid Eventbrite or Website fees, send the money via bank transfer to the details below:



SC: 40-47-28

AN: 41811428

To book, please send an email to:


What to bring:


Comfortable clothing

Stereo headphones (wired)


Friendly spirit

No Expectations


What's included:


Accommodation, Towels, bedding, facilitator time, & food

Please avoid alcohol & drugs prior to arriving.




Located just 10 minutes north of Bridgwater town in the countryside, and roughly 2.5 hours from London (train/car),


Venue address:


Parsonage Side Retreat

Otterhampton, Bridgwater

Somerset, England


Contact number:

01278 652 062

Venue links:


How to book:


Ladrhyn Bexx via Facebook

Email -

WhatsApp - 07476 086 288

Very easy to get to us by any transport:

Make sure to type Parsonage Side Retreat into Google Maps.

You can get to Bridgwater town from London Victoria via a Bus which takes roughly 3.5hours and can cost around £20.00 return if booked in advanced.

Trains roughly 2.5 hours from Paddington, London.

From there you can then get a taxi to the retreat just 8 miles out from town.

There might also be car sharing too. That can be arranged when you book with other participants.

Bridgwater town is a 10-minute taxi journey to the retreat

By air: Nearest Airports Bristol Airport and London Airport

From Bristol Airport – A bus or Train followed by a taxi

What past attendees have said about Ladrhyns retreats

I have just experienced a retreat with Ladrhyn, the space is beautiful with a tranquil nurturing and healing energy which Ladrhyn holds with complete integrity and authenticity. I found the whole experience deeply nurturing & powerfully transforming and feel really blessed and grateful to have received this gift - I will be returning and would highly recommend this experience Namaste- Be Happy & Shine*

”I've had a wonderful and beautiful experience which gave me lots of insights into myself and my journey. It was also really great to learn new techniques for lucid dreaming practice. I will definitely attend future events and recommend it to everyone!

I was lucky enough to attend his Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel weekend at the awesome Parsonage Side Retreat in Somerset and can't rate him, the setting, the course content or the food highly enough.

Wow what a fabulous weekend I’ve had, I’ve returned feeling energised, inspired and well rested, I can recommend anyone coming to this retreat who wants to expand their consciousness and to get away from our usual hectic everyday environment and have a well rested break and be totally looked after, I’ve enjoyed wholesome vegan food which I absolutely loved, this is my second visit.

Where is it being held?

Parsonage Side Retreat
Otterhampton, Bridgwater, Somerset, United Kingdom, TA5 2PT

retreat parsonage ladrhyn


Due to organisation and food, there is no refund 5 days prior to the retreat start time

5 different days to choose from:

Book before 24th July to save £45.00 for Friday + days

Friday night till Saturday noon (demo) £75.00

Saturday - Sunday (2days) £220.00

Friday - Sunday (3 days) 295.00

Saturday - Monday (3 Days) £315.00

Friday - Monday (4 days) £345.00

Concessions, Group & bring a friend discounts available