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Circle Sitters Is about bringing together like minded people who dedicate their time in developing Trance, Physical mediumship & healing and sound healing.

Our passion is supporting those looking to develop their own unique gifts for all forms of Mediumship & Psychic Awareness, including trance and physical. We also focus on the out of body state & lucid dreaming.

Most mediums develop in a closed home circle, but occasionally, to further their development, there is a need for them to venture out and share their gifts and knowledge with others. Doing so, puts them at risk, not only from hurtful social media attacks, but also whilst in trance. 

Our aim is to support those developing mediums with providing a safe environment for them to work in and demonstrate privately in a relaxed atmosphere with selected invited ‘safe sitters’ all of which have proven experience of sitting with trance and physical mediums and have the right qualities needed to help raise the vibration. 

As well as hosting weekends and experiences for people to explore and grow, we also offer our purpose built seance room for experienced physical and trance mediums to give messages and experiences to those who need them at the time.

We host events, workshops and talks on the subjects of mediumship, all in a perfect space for a clarity of mind away from all distractions. For those to feel heard and to express their gifts. Our aim is to communicate, learn and to grow together.

Ladrhyn Bexx & The Parsonage Side Retreat is an organisation in the research for consciousness.

The work we do is made possible through the generosity, intent and service we do to help make peoples life better

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A Purpose Built Sound Proof And Dark Room For Developing Trance And Physical Mediumship

Its the perfect setting for sitters and mediums to experience hands on phenomena from all walks of life. Located at Parsonage Side Retreat, Somerset.

We see ourselves as professionals, Who understand about the sceptical mind, proof of survival and have an understanding and Interest In phenomena and contact with hands on proof evidence of the afterlife.

There are strict protocols, so for anyone who is interested in attending one of the seances or circles, new people will have to be vetted, for the safety of all people during circles including the medium.

As with all seances, circles and trance demonstrations, We have strict guidelines, such as no phones, video cameras, electrical devices, or wearing any metal. As well as any objects, bottles of water or tissues to be allowed into the seance room. Each person is metal detected and padded down by the same sex.

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Our aspirations are to see more home circles created. Also, for new or established home circles to share with other home circles their experiences with the aim of gaining a better understanding of how two worlds can come together and how this is achieved.  

Sitters or those who have shown to actively take part in attacking individuals, such as, on social media don’t have the right qualities needed to attend seances or demonstrations of mediumship. Therefore, our aim is to ensure those people do not sit in the environment we provide.  

Having harmony and the right supporting sitters is paramount to any developing medium and when this is achieved, amazing phenomena will hopefully follow. 


Parsonage Side Retreat
Otterhampton, Bridgwater
Somerset, UK, TA5 2PT

(+44) 07476086288
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