Past life evidence?

Another Past Life Story Of Mine.....

Been doing a clear out of books and things and I just found the booklet I got in 2007 when I visited Cleeve Abby in Minehead near Dunster Castle.. I remember visiting when I was younger with my Mother and having flashbacks of this place. It wasnt until I saw the Medieval Graffiti on the wall was what I drew 100s of years ago. I dont have a date. 

The story and all that I remember was that I was a brother/Monk who lived on the grounds of the Abbey. It wasnt an easy life, there was one winter which was very cold and about 13 of us huddled downstairs in away from the elements, it was bitter cold. All our body heat kept us warm. However i didnt like the Monk life. You make one mistake in a bible and you have to start over again, I didnt like the dogmatic roles and routines which we did, I was abit of a rebel Monk, hence the drawing on the wall of my teacher. Below written was my name, but the Picture was of our teacher, I got punished and the drawing was left on the wall to remind me of my punishment. 

Looking at it now I got my teachers nose correct, he had a big round nose. Very horrible of me, but there you go, Its in the past now.... lol

The last hours of my life there was spent running away from the Abbey and going to Dunster Castle. Where I had no money and stole a pitcher of milk and a loaf of bread. Quickly from no where 3 guards chased me across the fields and to the woodland where they killed me. I guess in those days if you are a Monk stealing youre either a fraud or not a real Monk. 

Apart from those times, it was very peaceful, but was very regimented.... 

Anyway I hope you like my past life drawing. Quite interesting where I only live about 30 minutes from this spot. Its annoying as the only page in the book has got a rip in it....

— atCleeve Abbey.

Ladrhyn Bexx