☢️ quality control of ectoplasm 📵

☢️ quality control of ectoplasm 📵

Yesterday we had another phenomenonal evening in our purpose built darkroom here at Parsonage Side Retreat. 

Before the medium and sitters can sit we have to hoover and mop the floor. The reason is when the medium produces ectoplasm the black and/or white substance that spirit uses comes from inside the medium. A mixture of light photons and other biological matter. When the ectoplasm is sucked back into the body it will also bring in dust and other contaminants with it. 

Ectoplasm works best in studies found with temperatures of around 17*C and not a single light in the room. Apart from the control of red or blue low light. 

Luckily enough, our purpose built dark room for seances, has been built to not have any windows and no other lights in the room. So no matter how bright it is outside, any time of the year, we can control the temperature of the room perfect for trance, seances and physical mediumship. 

We started the evening by doing a quick introduction, like being aware of what not to do in the room. Also everyone was checked with metal detectors and searched including the searchers themsevles. As well as witnesses, and people in control of cable tie the medium into the chair. 

All this for further proof of the otherside, afterlife / spirit. 

Nothing but you and clothes. No jewelry, no phones, object's, no water or metal. 

We had two researchers from Germany come and document the experience. 

The medium was checked as well as the room and sat in a further blacked out cabinet to contain the energy. The medium is then cable tied, arms and ankles.... 

I was lucky enough to cable tie the mediums right side of his body and the researcher tied the left side.

We have another person to double check and to cut the ends off the cable ties. 

All doors are locked, everyone is sat down in a semi circle and holding hands and linking feet so we know there's noone fooling us in the room. 

Our medium was Gary Mannion for the evening. He entered deep trance very fast and soon the cabinet was spinning 360 degrees. 

Amazing what spirit can do. Several times we heard the ectoplasm bubbling out of the medium and being produced. 

We saw black ectoplasm (raw) and white ectoplasm. Saw the white ectoplasm from his mouth and belly button and moving independently when we could lift the curtain from the cabinet. as well as a full body materialization and picking up two glow in the dark golf balls, one spirit arm from the ectoplasm picked up one ball and twisted it's arm more than 360 degrees, putting it up to its face. Was hard to see but with very low lighing its possible to make out some features. 

We had Garys guide Jimi come through and talk to us using his voice box in the cabinet as well as ectoplasm picking up one of the trumpets in the room and waving it about about 2-3 meteres away.

We sang together to raise the energy and saw alot of black ectoplasm, it was like a black bag of silk, so much of it. Spirit moved Gary from one cabinet to the other, and kicked out the chair. 

Alot of laughs and proof of spirit activity. 

We played music on and off singing to famous songs to raise the energy. 

I was one of the ones as well as Ekhart who was one of the researchers to cable tie our medium into the chair, we checked them after and nothing had moved. I could see his arms and ankles had swelled due to the energy. We smelt the ectoplasm in the room alot and waves of cold.. flashing lights and objects being moved. 

So a few more days to go with this beautiful team and sitters with Andrew Western, Kai Muegge and a few others. What a beautiful opportunity to experience.

We will be holding more circle seances soon but they fill up fast 

Just been to Avebury with some of the group and going back now for more magical moments 

Much love from us all

Picture above is similar to the black ectoplasm we saw in very dark conditions using red light, of course imagine witout the white background. 

nothing scary at all, just love

— atParsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre.

Ladrhyn Bexx