Table Tipping with Physical Medium Kai Muegge

🙏🏼 Sacred Songs & Table Tipping 🕉️

WOW! What happened last night was amazing! I think ive had the most fun ive had in ages.

Singing is something which I love and really makes me happy, especially group singing, and it doesn't matter what people think when your'e in total darkness with a group, so much fun and laughter.... read on its amazing!

I was honored to be part of the table tipping seance here at our retreat centre. I think there was about 14-16 of us in total. .

Due to the nature of the work, same procedure entering the room. Everyone is checked for any items on them, no jewelry or phones just your self and clothes. One by one each was checked with a metal detector and allowed to then sit. We had two rows, the outer row (a circle of chairs) and the inner row, circle of chairs around the table. 

Once all checked, the doors are locked and Kai Mugge our physical medium for the evening guides us to what to do and what not to do. Everything was explained well and Kai and Julia was very good at investigations and room checks. 

A great introduction to the evening was hearing about Sacred songs for thousands of years, that these songs were chanted to invoke spirits to connect with us. Now adays, we dont have "sacred songs" but we have famous songs which alot of people know. 

its powerful when you have a group of people singing together famous songs such as The Beach Boys, Abba Dancing Queen along a few others. These are popular songs that alot of people at least know the beats. 

So why songs and singing, this helps build the energy up in the seance. Alot of the times it was total darkness and Julia Kai's wife was in charge of the music and putting on the red light. 


I was on the outer circle, the first to have a go was the inner circle, so we just watched. We couldnt see what was going on as it was total darkness. But what we heard was that the table (being a plastic garden table) for safety levitated and then crashed down. 

We all changed over and after a few minutes of what felt like the table revolving around so fast it felt like an engine going clockwise. Suddenly a "clonk" a smaller table had dropped down from in the room onto the round table we had moving. We continued and then a larger wooden round table landed on our current plastic table with a tambourine. 

We swapped over and heard spirit playing with the other items as well as dim lights etc. 

At the end of the seance Kai instructed that we all hold hands, come together tightly and imagine a drop of water coming from the ceiling and dripping down onto the table. After a minute or two of doing this, suddenly "donk" a small heavy objected apported and landed on the table. 

straight away looking at the object i sensed it was Ganesh, but couldn't see him. What appeared was a small statue of Krishna, Shiva and baby Ganesh... very symbolic as its Ganesh's birthday this week. Everyone was holding hands so tight in the circle, amazing to see something materialize. 

Such a beautiful experience, i look forward to another sitting tonight

— atParsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre.

Ladrhyn Bexx