Cabinet Seance with Kai Muegge

I am totally jaw dropped!! 

It took me a couple of hours to get to sleep last night after what I and around 22 other sitters experienced and saw. Ive seen and experience alot of things in my psychic life, but this just totally blew us all away.

-- picture attached is all the apports which appeared from last night, the little statue is what was apported to me in my hands from the medium, the large centre crystal produced from a huge light portal in the darkroom and the other crystal stones were apported from the eyes, nose, ears and mouth of the medium......

So this is the full report, from my side: 

We started the evening off with an introduction and stories of Kai Muegge our physical medium for the evening. He spoke about starting holding Seances from the age of around 15 years old. And went on to tell other stories and experiences. 

We all walked over to our purpose built darkroom where Julia (Kai's wife) inspected us all before we entered the room. With metal detector in hand she checked every body entering the room. Prior to this everyone's pockets were emptied as well as any jewelery, phones etc. Just yourself and clothes. We were all allocated seats in a horse shoe shape with the seance cabinet on the opening. One of the sitters Sam, checked the whole room, under each chair for no signs of masks, rods or props. Another guy Eddie stripped searched the medium so to make sure nothing was hidden in any area of the body and in all the other places. Also the ones inspecting people were also searched and checked.

This helps pull down the wall of disbelief so that was we see, feel and experience is not trickery and genuine spirit contact. 

Our medium Kai, was then brought out into the room and sat down in a chair, being held in to place to the left and right was two sitters, Julia and Inge. 

Everyone in the circle was asked to hold hands and touch feet so we know the phenomena isnt coming from other people. 

I was in-charge of doing the music, basically pause/play button on a bluetooth speaker next to me with my left hand while holding hands with one of the researchers to my right (female). 

The reason for the music is that everyone sings or hums to the music to build the energy in the room. Only red light was used, dim and also bright but mostly in total darkness. 


After a short while and some deep breathing Kai's guide stepped through in trance to speak to us all. He was very talkative during the whole seance, letting us know when to turn on the light, pause the music etc. 

Now i cant remember in which order everything happened, as so much happened all at once, one after another. But i believe this is the order to the best of my ability. 

In the centre of the circle was a bucket with some rattles and a tambourine. During the seance phenomena started to happen, heavy and light footsteps, finger nails being tapped, and also spirit children coming to play with the items. I could see something passing infront of the glow in the dark dot on the bucket, many people were being touched, on their knees, feet and faces. I only got touched on my left foot during the music, possibly because i was very close to the medium. 

We had some trumpet phenomena where the trumpet also with some glow in the dark paint was illuminated. The trumpet was travelling very fast around the heads of all the sitters, touching and bouncing across the ceiling, held in the air while Kai's guide was laughing (very funny). 

I was called up to sit cross legged on the floor infront of the medium, he said he wanted to give me a gift from spirit, I was asked to check his hands, his arms for anything. He clenched his left hand and opened, this happened 3 times. On the second time i felt something abit physical like heavy air. on the third an apport dropped into my hands. I had no idea at the time what it was as it was very dark in the room. But looking at the end of the seance, it was a small Yak, a statue to keep the bad spirits out. I had been thinking alot about Bali yesterday and so this was quite symbolic. 

Shortly after Kai's guide said he had some gifts from spirit, about 50 crystals, cut stones were produced out of his eyes, his nose, his ears. It was insane! still sat crossed legged on the floor. I couldnt believe what i was seeing. About 7 or so crystals came out of his eyes and out of his mouth along with ectoplasm. 

Shortly after some music and singing to raise the energy, Kai's guide said hes going to attempt to bring through a gift from a portal. He was turning his hands like making an energy ball of Chi... after a short while, a huge burst of light formed inbetween his hands and something heavy dropped to the floor. We were all blown away, it was a round cut quartz crystal, huge and gifted to Sandy Ingham... 

Shortly after that experience the medium went back into the cabinet and after more music and singing we could see blue sparks of energy coming from inside the cabinet. When the cabinet was opened on the end of his right arm was this ball of ectoplasm, to me it looked like a small lightening cloud.... Kai's guide said he had continued to open up the portal in side his hand and allowed the energy to be seen. Very beautiful to watch. 

The last installment for the evening was seeing attempts to white ectoplasm being formed, it first started on the floor as a large mass, it was moving and forming and a thread of ectoplasm was coming from the head of the medium. 

He went into cabinet and the red light was turned on and off several times to see at the end a very long piece of ectoplasm coming from his mouth and forming a hand. The light was turned off 3 times or so and on the last attempt to produce phenomena. we all could see a hand, it moved and turned to see us.... 

The seance ended and we all retreated back inside the retreat, all up till early hours of the morning discussing the events that had happened. Was a truly beautiful experience.... 

tonight i get to sit in again to control the music.. so will update to you all when we come out again

— atParsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre.

Ladrhyn Bexx