Mondern Ectoplasm Geometry

WOW another phenomenonal evening with Kai Mugge, blown away. It's late and everyone is up still talking about the many experiences. More to report tomorrow. 

Image is a recreation of a beautiful ectoplasm cloud formed in Kai's hand with blue sparks of energy. One of the many things we saw....

Why, what for you ask. Because what we are creating here is a sanctuary of love, of proving the existence of spirit, with first hand experience. This allows current experienced sitters to really understand the nature of reality, energy and beyond the body.

Nothing scary but a beautiful group of people who are genuine, positive, alot of us are mediums, healers, psychics, institutes, therapists. We are here to create a great community of "light minded people". 

Amazing things are happening here, will post full report tomorrow. 

me and my new apport have to rest

((( ðŸ’™ )))

—attendingCabinet-Séance Kai Muegge Felix-CircleatParsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre.

Ladrhyn Bexx