A gift from spirit. 

Thank you Kai and Julia Mugge, thank you parsonage side retreat, and thank you spirit. 

Last night was the most incredible night, whilst nothing is impossible for the spirit world, it is still life altering to see physical phenomena, in front of your eyes at close quarters, I watched and listened as spirit spoke of a special gift for one of our number, acknowledging their thanks for the service to spirit, it started with “this person has wanted for years to meet with Kai, wanting so much to attend,I wasn’t surprised, I remember thinking that I had too) they went on to speak of their help in the onward journey, and then a flash of blue white light from Kai’s hands, and a large heavy object fell to the floor, seemingly from thin air, I could not believe that it was the gift of an activation stone.... FOR ME! I could not stop the tears which slid silently down my face, can you believe that ? It was FOR ME, what an incredible privilege, the most humbling experience you could ever imagine. 

I have to thank everyone there, who’s love and energy was freely given, and needed to help spirit to achieve what they do! 

How amazing it was too to see old friends, INGE CROSSON, KAREN RICHARDS, MEL PENNY, GARY MANNION, JENNY, JOHN, STEVEN AND DAWN BEXX, BERNIE SCOTT, SUE AND NEAL, SAM and so many more, please forgive me those too many to mention, a night I shall never forget. 
Bless you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ladrhyn Bexx