40 apports with Kai Muegge

Another beautiful sitting again today over 40 apports with Kai Muegge

✔ Physical & Trance Mediumship
✔ Ectoplasm hand
✔ Moving of glow in the dark balls
✔ Spirits touching sitters
✔ Sparks of blue light from cabinet
✔ Glowing Ectoplasm web
✔ Activated water 
✔ Apports

p.s lots of love, laughter, fun and eye opening phenomena 

As with all seances here, everyone who sits has to have some experience with spirit, this isnt for newbies. We suggest sitting in a dedicated spiritual development circle.(look in your local area, or start one).

We are professionals to make sure all protocols are taken which have been checked by various people. When people sit the organizers and mediums will often select 3-4 people to do checks, the room, medium, objects. 

What we are dealing with here is spirit communication, it is beautiful. A sanctuary of the heart, of spirit for contact. Strict rules are in place for the safety of all sitters including the medium. A tradition that is 100s of years old. 

Full report tomorrow, its late again here, alot of people are still talking about their experiences and very happy. Another eye opening story to be told. 

Big thanks to Julia and Kai Mugge for their commitment and professionalism this evening. Many are left very happy

The photo of the apports materialized from the mouth, eyes, nose and ears, as well as from the hand

— atParsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre.

Ladrhyn Bexx