Cabinet seance with physical medium Kai Muegge

Another cabinet seance with physical medium Kai wonderful for all ! Strict protocols for both, Kai and Julia are fully searched and so was the room. The communicator gave a very wise philosophy and is constantly teaching about the future of humanity. 
We could see flashing lights in the cabinet as the energy entered almost straight away. 
During the seance, children in spirit came and played with the tambourine, fluorescent balls, there were also footsteps heard by all, a hand came around and touched most of the sitters in the room on the knees. 
The trumpet was flying around extremely fast, for a very long time, at very high speed around the room tapping sitters either side of the room. One sitter was asked to come and sit in front the medium, under the medium's hands held at head height , then a beautiful talisman was apported from the empty hands of the medium and fell into the sitter's cupped hands.
The medium was in the cabinet and we were shown what looked to be a large sheet of luminous ectoplasm , the information portal, stretched at least a meter in diameter. The communicator said that he had a very special offering, his hands were held together and there was a couple of huge flashes and a clear activation stone was apported. He said it was for the scientists that have been working with the physical medium Gary Mannion here intensively this week, a large clear activation stone. 
What a night cant wait for more tomorrow ❤

— atParsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre.

Ladrhyn Bexx