I got dripped on by Ectoplasm

I got dripped on by ectoplasm! and my glasses were taken off by spirit.......

To prove the existence of spirit one must become spiritual themselves
to prove the existence of light, one must become light themselves..... in darkened conditions of course. 

During another sitting last night we had the beautiful opportunity to attend another physical mediums seance at our home circle. Our friends from Germany, Australia and UK, we all 

gathered to hold space and receive healing and contact from the otherside. without the use of any technology apart from a red light and some music to sing our souls out. 

Every seance starts off the same. We see ourselves as professionals in this field where strict protocols are applied. Not only do we trust our medium and sitters, from a research perspective we continue to have a number of members in the circle/seance to check the room of any hidden objects, check all the sitters and medium, for any rods, masks, hidden objects. Most of the time especially in darkened conditions the whole circle holds hands and touches feet while the whole time the medium is in his constraints, cable tied to a chair, arms and legs in a cabinet which is blacked out further to contain the energy. 

We did some further analysis yesterday by checking the weight of the cabinet and chair. The cabinet with blackout curtain is made up of 3 heavy doors, in a total of 80kg, the chair being 16kg. We always start off with music and singing to raise the vibration. Instantly we could hear bubbling noises which is the ectoplasm being produced, then shortly afterwards the whole cabinet is being shifted. This is totally impossible for the medium who is cable tied to lift the chair and cabinet at the same time, alot of movement happens. 

We spoke to the mediums guide "Jimi" through trance and saying that we are going to go through a series of experiments. 

Experiences of coldness in the room, could hear footsteps and also some direct voice. Which is when the ectoplasm from the medium attaches to a cone(trumpet) to speak to the group. 

In the dark my third eye vision could see a mass of dark purple energy, was beautiful to watch. Followed by one of the sitters glasses being taken off and put on another sitter. And then the same happened to me, in total darkness. Very gentle spirit touched my face,. and i felt two drops of liquid drip on my arm, they then removed my glasses and put the second pair on the same person. Exchanging glasses back later wasnt easy in the dark! 

We had a couple of full form materialization such as legs. Now at all times the mediums is cable tied to the chair and his height is much shorter than the materializations height. I didnt see his face but others did. Using a glow in the dark ping pong ball (requested from Jimi to the circle leader) our circle leader put the ball in the middle of the room. Soon we saw the ball being lifted up very high. We reckon this form to be at least 6 foot 3 or so, but hard to tell and measure. 

We saw ectoplasm coming out of the belly button and moving independently too which was interesting.

We had 4 people from the circle to come up to the cabinet and have the chance to touch the ectoplasm. I have done this in the past, but they experienced it as sticky, moist, and hard like chewing gum. Very interesting, one ectoplasm spirit arm came out of the cabinet and felt the sitters, turning it arm more than 360 degrees, which was impossible, even the sitter couldnt bend that far. 

We ended the final installment of the sitting with a healing. I had to cut the cable ties of the medium, it was very difficult in not light conditions. Next time we need pliers because the scissors were very difficult for me. I could do the legs, but the arms were very hard as it was hard, i was actually scared incase i accidentally cut the medium which i did not want to do. So i got someone more experienced. Next time we need pliers(cutters) not scissors. As requested by the mediums guide while in trance to relieve the mediums body so that their spirit team can do some healing/ psychic surgery. My mother and another lady was called up to sit in a chair and receive while the whole group got healing too. The energy became very dense, and beautiful. The two who were receiving the healing felt electrical surges going through their body, one lady has had a problem with her shoulder and couldnt turn her neck, and now can, and my Mums knees are a little bit better. 

Overall an amazing evening again to be part of this beautiful home circle, phenomena and much more. A big thank you to our medium for the evening Gary Mannion for continuing his work with his spirit team and allowing us to recieve and experience such wonders. 

We look forward to more beautiful opportunities 

***picture is a recreation of the glow in the dark ball lifted by spirit) (not actual picture)

--- want to experience more of this? we take strict protocols and rules for anyone joining in on future sittings, you must have had experience with working for spirit and communication and sat in a circle at some time. This is not for newbies or beginners.

— atParsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre.

Ladrhyn Bexx