The sound of ocean surf, of waves. The duality of both being present, and experiencing your own energy. The sound of water, a natural sound which most people find pleasing and relaxing. It is the sound of natural energy at work. a natural energy present when the ocean hits the shore.

The sound of waves of energy in action. In this short retreat, you are going to learn how to use your own natural energy. You will learn to focus these and direct these energy waves, that are even now are a natural part of you. Waves of vibrational energy are all part of nature.

Youre heart for example is beating to create pulsations or waves of blood flow throughout your body, a slow vibration of energy at work. You breathe air in and out of your lungs. Slow pulsing waves of energy you create and use. You talk and you create faster waves of vibrational energy in the air around you. Gongs create a vibrational flow of energy waves which sync and resonate the vibrations of your brain, locking you in certain brain pulses to relax you. 

To feel, experience and learn more about this natural energy. Come join us surrounded by nature for an beautiful experience beyond the body, beyound time and space. 

Just like this photo, it is a true representation of duality at work. The mind awake body alseep. Even now everything around you is an illusion as you see reality from your own persepctive. Come join us all for an evening of breath, gong, meditation and enjoy a relaxing stay at our pupose built consciousness exploration retreat centre first weekend of October:

Friday 5th October:

Saturday 6th October:

Image: Lake sorvagsvatn - Iceland

Ladrhyn Bexx