Adventures in the dreamstate - January 4th

Such an incredible sight, my dream awareness projected such an awesome spectacular scene in the moment. As I stood there sungazing as the sun was setting in the forest next to the lake, I was aware of a women in the distance, jumping jedi style over rocks and heading to the distance, I thought to myself I wonder if I could follow her to the edge of the sunset.. as I followed her as I approached the end my curiosity got the better of me, there was a sheer drop, like a cliff, falling down I was aware there was several levels, I watched as she was climbing, falling and jumping into platforms, impossible I thought as i thought the earth was round, but then realized I was dreaming and this environment was a virtual game environment. It was fun, I was floating but was a viewer in her "game experience*... She ended up landing to the ground after a long terrain and many levels of inner world's, with lakes, cliffs... The whole time it was an exillerating experience to watch. As she approached the floor/ground of the game. We both looked around to see the huge vertical platforms bending around at the top and the sun now setting behind us. I was aware at the end I was in a third person view game experience, and I was the player.. tomb raider style....

Before all that was the most stunning sunset, in the wilderness, trees, mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, deers and much more. I look forward to visiting again

Ladrhyn Bexx