January 5th Seance Physical Mediumship

Ladrhyn Bexx is feeling amazed at Parsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre.

January 6 at 6:15 PM · Bridgwater ·

Another great evening last night at the seance.

I had been so excited for weeks to attend a workshop in the day followed by the physical seance in the evening. It was a fun packed day of phenomena and experiences.

As per strict protocols Gary gave an in-depth introduction on what to expect, do's and don'ts, precautions for the safety of the medium and sitters. After a 15min discussion we all headed over to the seance building where the first room is the check in room. Imagine it like your departing at an airport to go onto your flight. So all jewellery, belts, watches are removed as well as any phones, tissues and any metal. You are not allowed any of these items with you during the seance incase someone was to say it was a tissue as ectoplasm etc, also no metal is allowed as it can potentially create static from the energy. No recording devices are allowed as it's all about hands on experience.

Our medium was cable tied arms and legs into a comfortable chair, and each member of the group was padded down by the same sex and metal detected. We had volunteers from the group to check the room, check the medium for any hidden objects or rods etc to see that all is genuine without any fradulat activity.

Once all checks and protocols were done, doors were locked and we started the seance in the dark by playing music to raise the energy and we linked hands and legs to control and raise the energy and to prove that also nobody is getting up in the seance room and touching us.

We could soon hear this bubbling noise which is the sound of the ectoplasm produced. Soon after we could hear the mediums main communicator come through, a humble Irish man with a great sense of humour and lots of knowledge working part of the spirit team with our medium. He asked us what we would like to experience this evening. We asked a few questions on spirit and energy and then the main communicator said they are going to work on building the energy and produce us some phenomena. The red light was turned on and we saw the toilet tent which the medium was on was rotating very fast around 20 times, impossible if the medium is cable tied arms and legs, but it is the energy which is moving the tent.

I was the music Man for the evening, control of the music, muting the music and turning down and up when needed.

**I cant remember the sequence of events in total order, but I will do my best to remember and describe***

In total darkness and the music being played, the guys chair next to me with him on it was pulled into the centre of the room, tilted back on to two legs, then at the same time another women was pulled also into the centre of the circle and also pulled back onto two legs... Shortly after people were being touched at 3 different places in the room at the same time.

The main spirit communicator from the medium came through "hello" he asked the people on the chairs to find their way back in the dark. And requested the circle leader to bring out the luminous glow in the dark golf balls and place them in the centre of the circle.this request happened twice. Both times spirit gently picked up the balls in the formed ectoplasm hands and showed us their form, one hand rotating and circling, and then dropping them on the floor .

The second time their was a full materialization a full form being, but I was only able to see the torso and hands and partly illuminated face. I remember seeing the back of this large giant figure his torso being quite wide, he picked up the glowing balls and you could see his form, much bigger than the mediums, twice the size infact... Grew very large his head touching the ceiling and then shrank down to a very small size to a childs form, quite impressive.

The phenomena stopped and the main communicator of the medium came through, we asked some more questions and what happened and took place. After a brief discussion the communicator spoke to us saying that at the beggining of the seance that spirit were having trouble with the phenomena as the medium had been recovering from an flu and so they were working extra hard to change the mediums temperature to produce the phenomena. But they said they would do their best. The main communicator said do we have permission to play with the mediums form. We all agreed and said they are going to do us 2 last experiments.

In total darkness we heard alot of noise in the room, the toilet tent was being moved and placed inside the solid wooden cabinet. At first we had no idea what was going on. Until the red light was turned back on.

The first experiment was allowing two participants to go up to the cabinet and touch the ectoplasm formed from the medium. The first time the ectoplasm felt soft the second time it felt more hard and dense.i did not feel this so this is all that I Heard.

One of the last experiments was when the cabinet was undone we found that indeed the mediums form had been manipulated in such a way that the two cable ties for the legs were still there, but the legs had been placed behind the chair and twisted around, basically his legs were back to front and his right hand was in a cable tie which was where the mediums right leg was in. The main communicator was also speaking to us all during this time.

The final experiment was seeing the extopalsm coming from the mouth, and from the belly button, moving independent. We could hear 3 knocks, when this happened we could open up the zip of the toilet tent cabinet to see what was taking place, this happened 7 times or so.

That was the end of the seance and the phenomena, we played music to bring back the medium and said a closing prayer. Shortly after we could hear the medium coughing and gasping for air, he said in the introduction it sounds worse than it is. Legs and arms apart from the right hand was all intact and he was cut free from the restraints.

Quite an amazing evening again, thanks Gary Mannion and your spirit team for the energy, thank you to all 13 sitters as wittnesses and our home and retreat and family for holding the space and being respectful, loving and humble

Ladrhyn Bexx