Christmas Seance in Somerset

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2018 December - Christmas Seance

I traveled back home for a few days to attend our Christmas Seance 
What is a Christmas Seance?

In short: A Christmas seance is taken place for the enjoyment for souls to open presents from the spirit world. Those who have never had a Christmas, and so come through physically though the ectoplasm from a physical medium to open up presents and enjoy Christmas to have healing.

After the next following days these presents are then donated to a childrens charity.


So what happened on 19th December? This is my story from my point of view:

We had a few hours of social, talking, wrapping presents and getting the space ready. Our physical medium for the evening gave us an introduction on do's and dont's.

He has been working with us for over a year now and has produced some amazing experiences for us to remember.

Once everyone was ready, we all headed over to the seance room.

Before entering the room, we have strict protocols in place, for the safety of the medium and sitters as well as proving the existence of spirit with first hand encounters, without any doubt or trickery.

Everyone is searched, including the medium and the searchers. Making sure its just you and your clothes. No metal, no jewelry, watches, phones etc.

Sitters are also metal detected and padded down by the same sex, for any unwanted items. Two people are asked by the medium to search the room and two others requested by the medium to strap him (the medium) into the chair with cable ties. In total there was approx 15 of us.

The medium was strapped into a chair, arms and legs with cable ties, and double checked to make sure they are not loose. Anyone else in the circle is allowed to also check if they wish.

At this time the medium is in a toilet tent zipped up and enclosed and starts going into Trance. We turn off the lights and lock the doors, leaving a red light on, and we start playing the Xmas music, to raise the energy and to welcome the christmas vibes.

As we were all waiting we could hear a bubbling noise which was the ectoplasm forming from the medium in the cabinet.

I mixed the track the night before, the Christmas track had no breaks of quietness in-between songs, so it was specially made. I started the track at the end for it to repeat and for it to loop ans start at the beginning of the track.

With the music next to me and my finger ready on mute so we can hear the mediums guide. I was aware that it was the last track, so while the lights were getting turned off and everyone was ready. As soon as the music started at the beginning, the toilet tent started moving on its own, giving its self a character. Almost something from Harry Potter where the toilet tent started to have a personality, and bent and bowed to the sitters to greet us. 
(see picture attached)
*picture is not during the seance, but an example*

With the medium strapped into the chair still the toilet tent started spinning around very fast pain free hitting me into my right knee.

The toilet tent was lifted by spirit to reveal the mediums feet underneath and then stopped. We heard the mediums guide speak to us

"Hello, how are you all doing tonight"... a very witty and humors Irish guide called Jimi .... he makes great company and is the main voice of the seances. He started off around the circle starting with me, asking for any requests what we would like to experience this evening. I requested to see/hear the spirits coming through to open the presents. Others asked for past over loved ones.

After going around the circle, music was played and instantly the tent was moving again and from the bottom was this black mass of ectoplasm, in its raw form. The black mass started forming into a shape and appeared to be walking towards the Christmas tree and presents in the center of the circle. It wasn't fully formed and clear, but it appeared to look like small boots and a long dress walking to the presents. We later found out this could have been on of the spirits, a young girl called Rose. It walked for a short while, then going into a black mass and under the toilet tent. It soon pulled back under the cabinet tent. The mediums guide came back through. After a request a lady to my left, asked to hear from her mother. Another spirit communicator was allowed to speak through the trumpet. Giving precise and accurate dates of passing's, birthdays, and also nick names only the lady "Gill" (sitter) next to me would understand.

After music was played and the red light was asked by Jimi to be turned off and unplugged from the wall. In total darkness, spirit was able to locate presents in two places at the same time. You could hear the presents being unwrapped and played within and sitters were being touched by spirit 2 or 3 times at once in different parts of the room. A feat not possible by one person strapped into a chair, let alone in the dark.

Why in the dark? There are different forms of ectoplasm, photoplasm and teleplasm and forms better in total darkness or with red low light. And white light disperses the energy of ectoplasm.

One present was opened and then thrown on the floor, haha we all said, dont think they liked that one. Lots of laughter from the sitters. As this was happening we were all holding hands and touching feet so we know no one in the room is creating any trickery.

I wrapped up two lots of presents prior to the seance, a big brown bear and a present of bouncy balls, dinosaurs and 2 cars. The bear i wrapped, got unwrapped and got placed onto my lap but fell off, and Gill the lady next to me also got her present back, but was small enough to stay on her lap. Another person brought Lego and so when spirit picked it up and shook it the person who could hear their present wrapped up, and said with a trilled tone of execitment

"oh i know what that is"!

and then it got handed back to them.

Spirit found some playdoh,... this was then taken back into the tent and the mediums guide said " did someone buy putty",..

"yes" the circle leader replied. The mediums guide Jimi said "we are going to see if we can get a finger print into the putty, and try an experiment"

The circle leader took it out of the tub and i plut it on the table I had next to me with the music box on and i used the tub to roll it flat.

The mediums guide said they are going to try some experiments for forms to come out of the cabinet tent, and as we were waiting, we could see the tent being moved and the zip moving to undo the door to let the forms come out. But the zip got stuck, and you could see spirit was having trouble getting the zip undone. That experiment stopped due to the broken zip!

At somepoint (i cant remember the structure of the whole evening) but 1 glow in the dark golf ball was asked to be put into the center of the circle on the floor. Shortly after more music was played and we started to see the ball moving around the room, what appeared to be a tiny childs hand holding the golf ball. It was far away from me at this time so i didnt get to see it closer.

The sitters could see a small child, peacefully holding the glowing ball and then gently placing it back on the floor. Another golf ball was asked to be placed into the centre by the circle leader. Again music was played and soon we saw two of the balls moving. A huge arm span which almost touched the ceiling of the room, it was very huge giant like figure over 7ft tall, putting two of the balls in one of his materialized hands showing his form,.. then shrinking and becoming a childs size again, then shortly after growing very tall, was quite phenomenal to watch as you could make out the white ectoplasm form.

More experiments were taken place such as seeing forms coming out of the tent in red light, mounds of spirit faces pressing against the toilet tent. Soon after the mediums guide spoke to us and said they are going to move the medium from the toilet tent to the hard wooden cabinet. This was done very quickly with lots of movement and we could hear the toilet tent falling down in the centre of the circle in complete darkness.

The medium was now in the wooden cabinet with only the help of spirit. The red light was turned on and we were able to see the medium inside the cabinet. However before this the cabinet was at an angle so only one side of the room could see the front. We requested for the cabinet to be moved to adjust its position which soon it did. With the medium still cable tied arms and legs in the cabinet. We heard 3 knocks which the circle leader was able to undo the curtain to reveal the medium inside, you could see the ectoplasm coming out of his mouth. This happened 6 times or so, each with a count of 13 seconds to see the medium inside. The last count was we could see the ectoplasm coming from around the belly, coming out of the zip from his black onesie and moving independently.

Soon after the seance ended with our medium Gary Mannion sat in only the chair in the middle of the seance room. We turned on the lights to see the toilet tent laid down on the floor covering the presents. Two people were asked to check the restrainets (cable ties) and to cut him free and to compare the cut ends of the cable ties to watch which they did.

I possibly missed out many details, but overall was amazing experience and a Christmas to remember. In total 2 hours of phenomena.

Thank you Gary Mannion and your spirit team in creating a wonderful space, thank you to all the sitters who took part. Thank you to the creators and my family for your continued dedication and energy towards it all.

We closed the circle with a prayer and finished the evening, informing Gary about what happened and sharing our experiences.

We could see the playdoh has turned into three pieces leaving a few indents of finger holes.. but it wasnt clear enough, and so we need to find some better putty.

What a Christmas to remember - A workshop on this in in January, if you're interested heres the link below. And potentially a physical seance around that time. Just message Parsonage Side Trance and physical mediumship centre for details.

January 5th workshop:

Ladrhyn Bexx