Mychael Shane at Parsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre.

November 18, 2018 · Bridgwater · 

Saturday evening with Mycheal Shane and our home circle at PSR.

we had a great evening. First we started off with an introduction from Mycheal Shane, his past and experiences to where he is now. Also the do's and donts in a seance and what to expect. He gave a great talk and then we had a break.

After the break 3 people checked the room, others checked the medium and also stripped searched him for any fraudulent items etc.

Mycheal Shane has been scientifically tested in many areas. But regardless of this, we always perform quality control checks for the safety of each person including the medium. This gives each sitter a rested and peaceful mind of the phenomena taking place and no doubt of phenomena.

Saturday evening was a seance in darkness with just a red light. Before each sitter enters the room they are asked to remove all items including belts, watches, phones etc. Nothing but yourself and your clothes, no tissues. Each person was metal detected for any items including anything in their pockets. Also the checkers were checked too.

Mycheal is then cable tied into the chair in the cabinet, with other sitters checking the restraints and takes a large sip of water and is duct taped on the mouth. For this reason after the direct voice when the seance ends he spits out the water into an empty glass at the end of the seance. This gives us great evidence of spirit and that the voice didn't come from the medium but an independent voices through the trumpet.

Once all checks are done, the lights were turned off except a red light. Doors were locked and everyone sat holding hands and sang to raise the energy.

We played music to raise the vibration , and soon after Mycheals guide came through to speak to us using the trumpet. Mycheal explained in the intro that spirit form an voice box out of ectoplasm and attaches itself into the cardboard trumpet, known as an ectopod.

When his guide , one of the masters called Lady Nada spoke to us in the dark you could see the trumpet moving around in the room and she spoke to us all. Shortly after two people got moved around in their chairs in the dark and placed in the centre of the room. Two people a lady and a man, the lady was lucky to have some healing done, being moved closer to the cabinet.

3 people were called up to the cabinet, one of the masters kissed one of the sitters hand and you could hear the kissing sound. Another person got to feel the arm of Kuthumi and I was the 3rd luckily enough to feel the hands of St Germain on the back of my neck saying "hello my friend/son" I can't remember what he said exactly but it was a deep wise voice and totally different than the mediums and Lady Nadas.

Some sitters were touched on the face and across the room in the circle another one had healing on a ladies knee at the same time

The whole time we were all holding hands in the circle so we knew it wasn't anyone else in the circle performing any fake phenomena or jokes.

The next hour we had Lady Nada speak to each sitter through the trumpet and speak to each person who had a past life. In total was 14 sitters with an array of funny and emotional stories.

People were aware of their fears or places and things as well as an ifinity to certain places.

I was told about a past life in Italy where I was a statue creator where there is one of my creations still standing outside the museum near the Vatican today. I've always been great with my hands and creative so this makes sense. so I will have to go explore Rome one day and see my creation i left behind.

After everyone had a message, we all sang to bring back Mycheal and he came back from trance. The duct tape was removed and sure enough the water he had in his mouth the whole time during the direct voice was put into a glass.

A few minutes passed and then we had an apportation. He went back into the cabinet and with a new duct tape on. We sang to raise the energy and then he was brought out of the cabinet and apported about 48 stones.

3 were given to me one was to be buried into the ground where I want to manifest a huge standing stone, the other one was for myself and the other was a personal message for someone else.

Everyone received their objects. These objects are of great importance, sometimes they are gems, stones, crystals . Their earthly worth is not what is important but the message and meaning and their energy to each person and from the experience

We ended the evening with a closing prayer, lots of laughs and talks in the kitchen area. These events are so beautiful, it brings in new friends and like minded people who have time and energy for spirit and their development.

Until the next episode.

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