Physical mediumship an insight into contact from the otherside

November 18, 2018 · Bridgwater · 

Physical mediumship an insight into contact from the otherside.

It's been such a blessing to share these special experiences with my family and new friends. We have such loving people who come to us. We have built a lovely sanctuary of healing and peace here. Friday and Saturday we had Mycheal Shane with us, an American physical medium, he is not well known "yet" over here in the UK but he soon will be. He's totally worth coming to see and blew away everyones mind

Friday evening was an eye opener. These events are filled with humour, wisdom and love. We had about 17 sitters in for a billet reading which Mycheal nailed everyone's number and question on a card all blindfolded.

First of all he spoke about his past and his experiences. So we got to hear about some amazing stories. At this point we were all Sat in the lounge area and everyone had a piece of paper one side with a question and the other a number. We all watched as he was blindfolded with 4 layers of blindfolds. First 2 silver large £5 coins to cover his eyes and duct taped, followed by a mindfold, another blindfold and a bandana. We all could see that the mindfold would have been enough alone to not see out of He had a basket and picked out a note one by one from each sitters. The helper next to him confirming what was true on the paper and getting every card right with number and question and answering them straight away. With the help of his guides he was able to tune into the energy of each person, giving beautiful messages from loved ones, help on direction and messages of peoples abilities.

After a break we all went to the seance room where the room was checked as well as Mycheal and his mouth was duct taped and he sat in the cabinet. We played music to build the energy and then when he was ready two people held him as he was standing up two others held out a sheet and he apported round 20 crystal stones. These did not come from him or inside of him. Mycheal explained to us in the intro that a vortex is formed inside his mouth, he can only breath through his nose at this time and the objects manifest coming out. Some big some small, with no food or moisture on the stones.

He sits down and then one of the circle team arranges each stone for each sitter. He starts by Giving an beautiful message to each one, he said he sees a red thread of light from the stone going into the heart of the person so he knows which one goes to who. I was given one stone/crystal and it was a lovely message from spirit that I am doing just great :) 
Others had some amazing messages too :) Saturday was just as amazing, you can see my next post soon

Ladrhyn Bexx