Materialisation & Ectoplasm

Seance 23rd June 2019 7:45pm - 10:15pm

All pictures are an example only, and not of the actual seance. The seance room picture was before sitters arrived, the hands, feet in blue and glowing luminous balls was taken as an example.

This report is the exact experiences from my observation and memory.

Pre Seance talk about precautions, dangers and rules.

Everyone went to the seance room reception room to be checked. Metal detected and searched. Two persons were selected from the group to check the room and another person was selected to search the medium. Two people were in charge of cable tying the medium into the chair and securely both arms and legs. No objects are allowed into the room either, as well as no Jewellery, phones, tissues, or water.

Everyone got comfortable, the medium was sitting inside a zipped cabinet tent. For this purpose only so that spirit can easily move the cabinet and spin it to build up the energy. Which is harder to do with our 70kg wooden cabinet. All lights were off, but a small red light in the middle of the circle and doors were locked.

Once opening prayer, music was played so all the group can sing in harmony. We all linked hands, for this reason, to build the energy and to have everyone sitting still.

We all sang to songs - Great mix of songs this evening as these are all songs that people know and worked very well. so I am very happy.

The tent started spinning around very fast to build energy, then the tent gave us all a big bow to great us. Then Jimmy came through to talk to us. Over the past year or so we have got to know Jimmy very well. He is your typical jokey Irishman with a witty sense of humour. He does a great job on making everyone laugh and being a great mouthpiece and communicator for the rest of the spirit team. He is easily able to answer any questions regarding phenomena and gives fast answers.

He asked us all what are we expecting tonight, and said they are going to work on building the energy up and to give us some experiments with phenomena and he will come back to us.

The first experiment was in the dark but with the red lamp on. Black Ectoplasm formed under the cabinet which lifted up to reveal 2 shoes, with a Victorian looking skirt and boots. This experiment happened 3 times. The third time, the legs were clearly seen dancing to the music which made everyone laugh.

After the communicator, Jimmy came through and spoke to us all and sitters asked questions about phenomena and what had just happened. Then the red light was turned off, everyone continued to link arms and legs. Which shortly after all sitters were being touched gently on their knees.

Jimmy the communicator came back to speak to us all and asked the circle leader to place one luminous ball in the centre of the circle. (these balls are glow in the dark golf balls)

The first experiment we could hear the ectoplasm bubbling and being produced through the medium in the cabinet, and then we heard the tent being unzipped in the darkness. All that was in the room which could be seen as just one glow in the dark golf ball in the floor. Then white ectoplasm formed a materialized human form which picked up the ball and showed their face slightly with the ball in their hand (as seen in the picture) but this picture here is only an example. This form walked all around the room showing the sitters and dropped the ball and went back into the cabinet and zipped up the cabinet.

Jimmy came through to request one more of the luminous golf balls to be placed in the centre of the room. Shortly after the cabinet was unzipped which you could hear and a tall being picked up both the luminous balls and showed a big arm span with arms really wide. This form was different, had tiny hands but a very long and thin and tall body. Showed us its form and dropped the balls onto the floor and went back into the cabinet zipping it up again.

Jimmy the communicator came back to speak to us all and we asked questions on who the being was. He explained that the form was a mixture of 3 different personalities which use the form in different ways, which is why we had small hands and a tall body. The final experiment with the luminous balls another different being didn't pick these balls up, but just stood there, We could clearly see two feet. (see in picture for example). Not as much detail as human feet but you could clearly see the form, and very strong. The picture I took of my feet was the exact angle in which I saw the two white ectoplasm forms.

The communicator Jimmy came back through and the music was played again to build the energy. And a blue light was requested.

spirit was heard opening up tent cabinet and clearly a black ectoplasm hand in the blue light and arm coming out to show us all. (see pictures as an example) (not actual event). At the same time the arm continued to rotate 360 counterclockwise 3 times.

Communicator Jimmy came through and previously asked for the circle leader to select 3 volunteers. The first volunteer was to check the medium in the cabinet and the cable ties but in total darkness.

A second time the same sitter checked the medium, which within just a few seconds the medium's body was facing in the other direction of the chair, and spirit had dematerialized the cable ties on the legs. The tent was zipped back up by the volunteer sitter, then the third time they were asked to feel inside the cabinet walls to feel the ectoplasm. The cabinet was very hot and humid than before, and the inside of the cabinet was dripping wet.

Jimmy then requested for the blue lamp to be turned on as they wanted to try with a different experiment. This time black ectoplasm was coming out and forming a head over the blue lamp. I could not see this very clearly, but sitters on the other side confirmed they could see it very well.

Temperature changes continued to change and started to get very very hot. Blue lamp was turned off and in total darkness, alot of noise was heard. The light weight cabinet tent was placed into the centre of the circle falling down and the medium was now in the wooden cabinet.

The spirit team changed over to the healing team, which they dematerialized the cable ties again to release the medium in the darkness and do healing on two selected women in the circle. Alot of the heat that was built up during this time, started to change from very hot and humid to very cold. All that heat was then transferred to healing energy.

After which the medium and the chair, was moved by spirit into the centre of the circle. A quite comical moment, when the circle leader asked, Jimmy "where are you Jimmy"... Jimmy replied. "im in the medium" all the sitters laughed, quite a funny moment.

Using the red light, when we heard a knock from the medium's form, we were to wait for 5 seconds then put the red lamp on and count for 15 seconds. This happened 4 times, each time, the red lamp was turned on, the medium in the chair, (still cable tied) moved from different viewable directions so everyone could see the mediums form, and the ectoplasm being formed from the medium. White ectoplasm could be seen from the mouth on two occasions.

The very last experiment was to allow 4 sitters to come up to the cabinet and feel a hand of a loved one. Two of the first people could recognize their loved ones hand and being touched by the white ectoplasm hand, the 3rd another gentleman was to hold and touch the hand, but did not know who it was. The last a lady, Jimmy came through to explain as there was not enough energy left, but they will try produce a spirit guides form to communicate with her. Which was successful.

At the energy of the seance, Jimmy said thank you, remember to take the love back with you, and to speak again. A closing prayer was done, and music was played which shortly after the medium came back. Usually coughing, it sounds worse than it is, but its normal. Just takes time for the medium to come back.

Thank you to Gary Mannion and his spirit team for another incredible experience. These just keep getting more and more amazing. Until next time

Ladrhyn Bexx