Parsonage side Trance and Physical Mediumship Centre

A purpose built sound proof and dark room for developing trance and physical mediumship, all year round. Its the perfect setting for sitters and mediums to experience hands on phenomena from all walks of life. Located at Parsonage Side Retreat, Somerset.

We see ourselves as professionals, who understand about the sceptical mind, proof of survival and are interested in phenomena and contact with hands on scientific evidence of the afterlife.

There are strict protocols, so for anyone who is interested in attending one of the seances or circles new people have to be vetted, for the safety of all people during circles including the medium.

As with all seances, circles and trance demonstrations, we have strict guidelines, such as no phones, video cameras, electrical devices, or wearing any metal. As well as any objects, bottles of water or tissues to be allowed into the seance room. Each person is metal detected and padded down by the same sex.


A typical cabinet seance is where a physical medium is cable tied hands and legs into a chair. During this time, any of the sitters are allowed to see how secure the medium is in the chair. We select sometimes new members to check the room for anything which could deem to be trickery or fraud. When the seance ends and after the phenomena sitters can also check how secure the medium is in the chair afterwards.


Before the seance starts and after all the checks, the doors are locked and the seance starts. During the seance, depending on the mediums needs, very low red light or sometimes blue light is used. White light disperses the energy. During the seance, all sitters sit in a horse shoe shape, holding hands in total darkness and touching feet.


Table Tipping Seance - Kai Muegge

September 15, 2018

While all attendees were holding hands around the table we all focused on a visualisation of a droplet of water coming from the ceiling. Then a few moments later this small statue appeared.

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Cabinet Seance - Kai Muegge

September 17, 2018

All apports during the cabinet seance, for full story go here:


Trance & Apports - Mycheal Shane

A picture after the Trance and Apport