June 28TH - 30TH

June 28TH - 30TH

from 50.00

1 Night Ticket Fri/Sat

When? Registration and arrivals from 5pm till 11am next day Sat/Sun
Weekend Ticket:

When? Registration and arrivals from 3pm.

Start times 7pm Friday till 5pm Sunday


What to bring - Stereo headphones (wired), eye mask and comfortable clothing

Parsonage Side Retreat, Otterhampton, Bridgwater, Somerset, England, TA5 2PT

Email: Ladrhynb@Gmail.com WhatsApp – 07476086288 – TEL 01278 652 062


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Lucid Dreaming Sleep Over & Gong Bath Experience
Otterhampton, Somerset

Explore who, what, where and why you are and what is possible.

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1 Night Ticket Experience: - (Friday or Saturday)

Weekend ticket: all inclusive 3 days 2 nights Friday - Sunday


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Limited spaces available -

1 Night Ticket Includes –
Accommodation, & Breakfast
Lucid Dreaming Tea's & Snacks
Lucid Dreaming Training & Tolks
Group Gong Bath & Binaural beat sessions
Early Morning Wake Up Call For Dream Awareness
Energy work & psychic exercises
Times: 7pm – 11am

When? Registration and arrivals from 5pm till 11am next day

Weekend Ticket: Includes –
3 x Meals daily & Accommodation
Lucid Dreaming Tea's & Snacks
Lucid Dreaming Training, talks, walks in nature.
Psychic and non-physical energy exercises.
Group Gong Bath & Binaural beat sessions & Energy work
Group sharing & intuitive guidance on experiences

When? Registration and arrivals from 3pm till 4:45pm Sunday
What to bring

Stereo headphones (wired), eye mask and comfortable clothing

Discover how to:

• Enter into levels of expanded awareness
• Fast track your psychic connection
• Achieve states of deep relaxation
• explore remote viewing, and non-physical phenomena
• Learn your mind awake while your body is asleep
• Explore the out-of-body state and other energy systems
• Enter a state of No Time
• Mutual dreaming experiences

Each experience is unique to each individual and different each time

Situated in the calming and quietness of Somerset's rolling hills and starlit skies, Located next to a large nature reserve and only a few miles from the coast of north Somerset. The perfect place for exploration of consciousness.
Venue location: Parsonage Side Retreat, Otterhampton, Bridgwater, Somerset, England, TA5 2PT

Venue links:



How to book:


Email - Ladrhynb@gmail.com
WhatsApp - 07476086288


More Information about these experiences and stay down below:

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of consciousness and have hands on experiences

Would you like to explore expanded states of consciousness, deep meditation, and the spiritual journey that comes from being immersed in a over night event? All based at a spiritual retreat centre in nature?

Some real you time!

Accommodation is on site


Through the use of audio frequencies and a controlled meditative environment, experience a full weekend or one night of expanded consciousness and daily gong baths bathed in sound healing vibrations. All located at the beautiful Parsonage Side Retreat located in Somerset, England.

A purpose built sanctuary for exploring consciousness, surrounded in nature and situated on 2 powerful ley lines.

For more details about this event you can watch this video:


What past attendees have said about Ladrhyn’s Retreat.

“Relaxing, rejuvenating and inspiring, creating focus and clarity”
“Amazing energy, venue and food. Natural and pure. Very satisfied.”
“I would recommend the weekend to anybody!”
“I’ve never experienced meditation like this before.”
“The meditation is amazing. I go home inspired, grateful and full of love."




Tell me more about Ladrhyn Bexx?

Ladrhyn has been exploring consciousness for over 15 years. He guides people to explore consciousness, including lucid dreaming and intuitive exploration with a touch of mediumship.

Ladrhyn is a Reiki & gong master and researcher into the field of consciousness exploration and awareness and trance states


Find out more here

(map link)


How much is the event and what’s included?

Accommodation, plant based meals (any allergies let us know)

You can place your deposit to reserve your space.

How do I pay for the event?

You can pay by bank transfer or through www.ladrhynbexx.com/retreats

Stay an extra night till Monday 4pm (£65)

How do I get to the venue?

You can get to Bridgwater town from London Victoria via a Bus which takes roughly 3.5hours and can cost aloud £20.00 return if booked in advance. Trains roughly 2.5 hours from Paddington, London.

By air: Nearest Airports Bristol Airport and Exeter Airport

From Bristol Airport – A bus or Train followed by a taxi

From there you can then get a taxi to the retreat just 8 miles out from town. There might also be car sharing too. That can be arranged when you book with other participants.

watch this helpful video if you are driving to the retreat: - Post code: TA5 2PT


The nearest train station to the retreat is Bridgwater and Taunton

Bridgwater town is a 10-minute taxi journey to the retreat


Where do I get accommodation and food?

Three x nutritious group vegetarian/vegan meals are included daily in the weekend ticket

Breakfast and snacks are provided for the over night stay.

What if I can’t get there till Friday evening or Saturday morning?

Attendees arrive at various times, some even prefer to come up the day before (extra cost) and stay a day after to reflect on the experience. People who visit say that their stay is not always long enough. Additional day stay can be organised. Let us know when you plan to arrive.

We advise weekend attendees to arrive in the Friday from 3pm so we can make a prompt start.

And over night stays to arrive from 5pm to avoid traffic.


What’s in the welcome pack I get on arrival?

The pack includes a pen, note pad and an edible treat when you arrive.

Rooms include Towel, eye mask, blanket and V pillow for extra comfort.

What are we going to be doing over the weekend?

We’ll be exploring consciousness states, using binaural beats gong baths, group sharing and much more surrounded by nature through;

• Sound and vibration with gong baths
• Beyond the body meditation sessions
• Having time to process and integrate, connecting with like minded friends
• Fun activities to awaken the "reality of beyond the body”
• Voice guided Hemi-Sync Binaural Beat sessions by Ladrhyn
• Experience timelessness states
• Tasty and nutritious meals 3x daily (weekend attendees)
• Early morning lucid dreaming wake up calls
• Energy exercises
• Reality checks
• Listening to pre-recorded sound tracks in your bed
• Lucid dreaming training
• Daily walks in nature
• Group sharing on experiences after each session
• Explore the out-of-body state and other energy systems
• and much much more

Journey Experiences using Hemi-Sync's original, ground-breaking audio technology.

Ladrhyn guides you through a process with breath-work and Hemi-Sync to take you on a journey within yourself.

Using Hemi-Sync® (binaural beat) audio-guidance technology, you are gently guided into deeper, more profound states of awareness — into the recognition that you are far more than your physical body.

Discover the power of brainwave entrainment on consciousness, behaviour, thought and emotions.

For over 50 years, thousands of people who participated in Hemi-Sync's audio-guidance programs have experienced exceptional states of consciousness and life-enhancing benefits.

Many of our past participants report:

• Greater present time focus
• Enhanced self-awareness and self-empowerment
• A profound inner wisdom and a deeper understanding of oneself
• Stress-reduction and better problem-solving skills
• Sharpened awareness of asynchronicities
• Ability to realign emotions
• Ability to set and achieve goals for the future
• Obtaining a state of lucidity which enhances all aspects of daily life

Enter the Gateway of Consciousness. Explore Beyond Your Physical Body.

During this dynamic in depth retreat you will both learn and practice the tools necessary to navigate non-physical states and then use these tools to obtain unique states of lucidity, which can enhance and expand all aspects of your life waking and sleeping life.

- For communication with passed over loved ones
- Deepening your connection to your intuition
- Receiving the answers you need
- Deeply relaxing for meditating and receiving feedback.
- Meeting like minded new friends
- Clearing old energies and a sense of renew

You will have the unique opportunity to explore powerful techniques to awaken the hidden powers and abilities within your mind and spirit.

Explore the voyage of Self-Realization and Accelerate Your Awakening.

This self discovery programme was created by Ladrhyn Bexx. He has been exploring consciousness for over 15 years, is a keen lucid dreamer and intuitive explorer, psychic reader, sound healer, Parapsychologist, Paranormal investigator, bio-psychologist for awareness states and consciousness researcher. He has been researching and experiencing Monroe Products part of the Monroe Institute for many years, and has taken the time to create his own course for helping people perfect their psychic awareness and have experiences beyond the body.

Your Venue for consciousness exploration is here:

Parsonage Side Spiritual Retreat is a purpose built residential centre. It is a sanctuary of love, heart, mind and spirit. A perfect venue for your non-physical stay.

Located just 10 minutes north of Bridgwater town in the countryside, and roughly 2.5 hours from London (train/car),

Accommodations include single beds in mostly shared rooms. With an additional 3 rooms which are private (upon request) Each room has private shower room with toilet. The venue has meeting rooms, dinning rooms, and gardens with outside gathering places adjoining a huge nature reserve to enjoy.

• Private accommodations
• 3 delicious group vegetarian meals daily
• Access to walking/hiking trails
• Complimentary WiFi
• Timelessness environment

Explore who, what, where and why you are and what is possible.

“You are more than your physical body” ~ Robert Monroe

Every experience is unique to the individual. Each experience is like any other. Each participant will have an experience in ways consistent with their needs and beliefs, past explorers will also experience different realities and experiences unique to them.

For availability, spaces and questions email or WhatsApp me to reserve your space:

Ladrhynb@gmail.com / 07476086288
Payments can be made to details below or booking through the website



What to bring with you:

Pack comfortable loose lounge wear, shoes for walking in nature. And importantly headphones and eyemask.

The majority of the weekend you will be in and out of exploration sessions and getting the most out of deeply relaxing. September is a beautiful time at the retreat, although its not peak summer time, please make sure you bring warm clothing just encase.

Retreat Address

Parsonage Side Spiritual Retreat

Watch this helpful youtube video to locate the retreat:


Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer
Organiser of Lucid Dreaming and sound healing retreat