42" Water Gong

42" Water Gong


The water gong connects us with a deep ancestral knowledge.

Helping us connect with our our feelings, emotions and the river of life that flows around our veins. We are the drop in the ocean, the almighty oneness of all that is connected to all water in the universe.

This gong is great during ceremonies, concerts, gong baths, sound healing, sound baths, music performances and whatever sound you want to create for any occasion.

The water gong creates a great variety of overtones which leave you floating in soundwaves. It has both the deep sounds of the oceans currents, and trickling oceans under the cosmos as the water hits the rocks and as the cosmos kisses the river in its reflection. With rippling sound waves of water energy you will be immersed in beauty deep tones.

With medium and high overtones and when played also sounds like the river of life viberating around you.


Brand: Tone Of Life

Type :- Symphonic

Made from:- NickleSilver

Element sound:- Water


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